Unwinding and rest for the bianconeri

Posted on 25/07/2010


A day of well deserved rest for Juventus: after the convincing victory in Cosenza against Lyon and the return during the night to Varese, the bianconeri will be enjoying a free day. To say the truth, the day began with an unwinding session which saw the players busy in Cosenza take part but even the rest of the team remained in Varese. The session consisted of a bout 40 minutes of light jogging and stretching.

The team will meet again tonight in Varese and tomorrow will get back to work with two training sessions at 09:30hrs and 16:30hrs at the Stadio Franco Ossola. The same work schedule will be carried out on Tuesday, the day before the departure for Dublin where the bianconeri will be playing against Shamrock Rovers in the first leg of the Europa League third preliminary round.

The sessions in Varese will have the same rules applied last week. The sessions will be open to the public which may gain access to the stands at a price of €5. In order to purchase the tickets the ticket boot of the VIP stand situated on Via Bolchini will be open. The opening time is at 09:00hrs for the morning session and at 15:30hrs for the afternoon session.

For those supporters who will be driving to Varese, the most ideal parking space is at the PalaWhirlpool situated close to the stadium.

Source : Juventus.com