Bonucci: «It must be my year of anointment»

Posted on 22/07/2010


He was forced to stop during yesterday’s training session due to a slight pain to his knee but it was nothing to worry about. Leonardo Bonucci began the press conference of the second day in Varese by putting everyone’s mind at rest: «I have a slight pain in my knee that is not allowing me to run as much as I must and would like to. We will check my conditions with the medical staff and the coach and I think that within a few more sessions I can get back to training with the group. I don’t think I’ll be playing in Cosenza but this had already been decided by the coach. The objective is to play on the 29th July in the preliminary». That will be the first official appointment of the season but on Saturday against Lyon the team will be breathing European air. Juve cannot miss out even on friendly matches: this is the message that Bonucci gathered from the visit by president Andrea Agnelli in Varese: «He said a quick hello because we were eating but from that hello one could understand his desire to see a competitive team immediately starting from the friendly match on Saturday». 

One of the recurring themes in the past few weeks is the possible competition between Del Piero and Diego: «There are no internal conflicts just a healthy competition which helps the player and pushes him to do better with every training session. The coach will then decide who to field whether Diego or Del Piero and the same goes for me and Legrottaglie». 

Leonardo joined Juventus after an excellent season. The youngster leapt over milestones moving from Bari to South Africa and to Juventus: «My break through surprised all. I always believed in my potential but I did not think to get to the national team so quickly. Why did Inter transfer me? There were transfer market necessities and I was transferred to Genoa. It was a stroke of luck because if I’m here I owe it to that transfer». 

With regards to the World Cup adventure, which he was part of without playing, he pointed out: «It wasn’t a holiday. I didn’t go on safaris: I trained everyday and obviously I was hoping to play but we were always tailing and it is hard for a defender to enter the field in such circumstances I think I am still part of the azzurri but it is up to me to confirm the good I did last year. The call-up is not granted just because I was one of the 23 players in South Africa». 

The bianconero is once again  united with Chiellini with whom he forms one of the strongest and most complete central duo on the international panorama: «Yes, me and Giorgio form a great duo and we complete one another. With the national team we trained together. It was a good start and I hope it will keep on improving. Whether he gave me any advice? No, we spoke of the movements the coach wants from us: he insists a lot on shortening the centrals on the winger that is held by the fullback. He does not want us to stay in the centre of the area but to cover if the fullback is beaten».
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