Who are you Bonucci ???

Posted on 20/07/2010


Who are you Bonucci???

Consistency is something that we really need right now. In and outside the field. But our €15m defender really have to learn about consistency outside the field. After a very impressive performance last season with Bari, played all 38 games and reckon as one of the best young Italian defender his consistency inside the field is untouchable, but outside the field he seems have to learned to be more consistent.

Here are some statements made by Bonucci.

“I am proud to be followed by big clubs, but if I had to choose with my heart then I would like to continue my football career with Inter,” he told Il Corriere Dello Sport. March 13th, 2010

“Roma has not lost in 21 matches in the league, and it is time that they dropped some points on the road. I was an Inter fan as a child, and this match has a double meaning to it. If Bari wins, we are also helping out Inter,” Bonucci added. 
March 30th, 2010

“However, I am still really attached to the Inter shirt and Jose Mourinho is a great boss and a great man. It would be a massive pleasure for me to be coached by him.” 
Apr 27th, 2010

“As a child I was a fan tifavo Juve and Del Piero – Bonucci has admitted to ‘Tuttosport’ – and at that time I imagined accountant, but I find myself to play alongside my idol. Juve have to win and I will win a starting spot in the national team, which is my other dream. ” 
July 17th 2010

Personally I don’t believe that he is a fan of Juve or ADP. That statement only made to gain some respect from Juventini. Nothing wrong with that, but for me respect only come from effort. You won’t gain anything by words. Keep silent (dont say the unnecessary words / lies) and work harder on the pitch thats the way to become our Bandiera.

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