Del Neri: «I want an agressive Juve»

Posted on 14/07/2010


«There is work to be done on all aspects even the mentality. However, I liked the one shown against Trentinobecause this is the way we should interpret matches». Del Neri, on the eve of the second friendly match of the season, tomorrow in Rovereto against All Nassr, spoke about training: «We have a few more days of work and we already layed a match and therefore we have asimilated the field measurements. I expect improvements in general, not from the individual players, even though such matches can hide certain difficulties and we will have to run and suffer. We are not working towards tomorrow’s match in fact today the players are doing uphill repeats. The line-up? It will be different from the one during the first friendly match».

The subject moved to the sqaud at his disposal: « Juve must try to improve in all departments but if this is not possible we will go ahead with the players we have. The most important thing is the mentality. Everyone must be agressive and available».

Competition for a place in the starting line-up, especially in the attack, will be notable: «I will not change tactical attitude: players have certain characteristics and if I don’t think they are compatible they will not play together. I read of competition between Diego and Iaquinta: they are two difefrent players. Diego is not as powerful as Vincenzo who on the other hand does not have the technical characteristics of the Brazilian. Iclearly, with 5 attackers, two will playa nd three will be left off the field. Two strikers can play alongside but there is no preclusion. Whoever is fittest will play according to the various situations and everyone must be available whether he will play or not».

After last season the team needs to re-find faith in itself and Del Neri has the right recipe for this: «We must give precise tactical duties to bring back a sense of security. Knowing what to do on the field and with the rights tactics one can overcome the difficulties which we shall encounter throughout the season».
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