Ventura: ‘Giovinco, come to Bari!’

Posted on 11/07/2010


Giampiero Ventura is still trying to convince Sebastian Giovinco that Bari is a good move. “He can really take off here.”

The Juventus starlet has made it clear he wishes to leave Turin in order to play more regularly, but so far rejected the chance to join Bari.

“Giovinco would find a new level in our style of play, so the move would suit both him and us,” assured Ventura.

“It’s the right atmosphere for a young player to grow and our tactics would suit him. He can really take off here.

“We often take on players who have had a rough season or not received much space elsewhere and allow them to prove what they’re really worth.

“Giovinco certainly fits that bill. He has the characteristics to be decisive and I think if he really wants to prove himself, there could be no better place than Bari.

“Juventus would be more than happy to loan him out. I’d love a meeting with Giovinco, so I could explain who we are and what we want to do.”