Zac: ‘Juve are giving everything’

Posted on 20/03/2010


“Juventus are giving our all and will get back on our feet,” insists Alberto Zaccheroni ahead of the trip to Sampdoria.

The Bianconeri boss is under immense pressure after a shock Europa League defeat, losing 4-1 to Fulham on Thursday night.

“Juventus are giving our all and will get back on our feet. Now we must look ahead,” warned the Coach.

“Juve must be here, because no more than seven days ago the media talked about a side that was clearly improving with unity and great moves.

“Then we had another week with the usual problem of preparing a game with some players and going out there with different ones or those who weren’t 100 per cent fit.

“Facing up to matches in these circumstances is not easy. At times it goes well, at others it doesn’t. Just because in two games we got poor results does not mean we can wipe out all the good stuff we did up until now.”

Juve threw away a 3-0 lead over bottom of the table Siena for last Sunday’s 3-3 draw, then surrendered a 4-1 aggregate lead at Craven Cottage.

They are now fifth in Serie A, just a point above Sunday’s opponents Sampdoria.

“This will be an important step in the fight for fourth place, but it will not be decisive,” assured Zac.

“Our Europa League exit hurts, but we have got to look ahead. This side has always reacted to setbacks, but sometimes it doesn’t entirely work.”

The tension spilled out in the final minutes of the Fulham defeat, when Jonathan Zebina and Felipe Melo reacted angrily to jeers from the fans.

“Unfortunately there is an unwritten rule in football. When you get results, you are a hero, but if results falter then all the trouble comes bubbling up.

“As a team we must learn to handle these moments of tension and control our emotions. I understand both positions, as it’s not pleasing to be jeered the moment you walk out for the warm-up, but a football player has to live with that.

“On the other hand, the fans react that way because of their passion and love for the club. I have to condemn both attitudes.

“We’ve got to live with the general malcontent around the side and avoid firing it back out, even when someone has reason to do so. It’s important that everyone knows we’re giving it our all and I can guarantee that, as those who don’t give 100 per cent won’t play under my watch.”

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