Craven Cottage fatal to Juve

Posted on 18/03/2010


Zaccheroni fielded a 4-3-2-1 formation with Candreva and Deigo behind only striker Trezeguet.

Juventus are off with a fiery start and on the second minute Salihamidzic puts a good ball into the area, Diego manages to keep ball possession with the sphere reaching Trezeguet who shoots home for the opener: 0-1.

Fulham show their character and react and on the 3rd minute a ball into the Juve area is brought out by Cannavaro. Seconds later the ball is back in the Juve area but is finally cleared by the defence.

On the 6th minute there is a dangerous cross into the Juve area but Davies is late. Three minutes later, Zamora scores after going past Cannavaro: 1-1.

One minute later, Schwarzer saves a powerful Diego shot with difficulty. Diego puts a long ball towards Candreva but the cross is a bit too long, one minute later.

It is the 12th minute when there is a ball into the Juve area but the defence manages to head away. Two minutes later, a ball is too long for Zamora who enters the area with great speed.

On the 15th minute, Cannavaro saves a dangerous cross into the area but the match is stopped for off-side. Chimenti saves with difficulty on Zamora, two minutes later. Free-kick for Fulham: goes straight into the wall.

The 18th minute sees a corner for Fulham: Hangekand’s header is not precise and goes wide. Three minutes later, there is a free-kick for Juve: Diego’s cross into the area is headed away by the defence.

It is the 22nd minute when a cross towards Zamora in the area is too long. Four minutes later, after a series of good moves Diego’s cross ends in an area void of Juve players.

Things get complicated for Juve on the 27th minute when Cannavaro is sent-off for what was deemed a last man foul. Grygera comes on for Candreva. Free-kick for Fulham: Chimenti makes a great save on a precise Zamora attempt.

Fulham pile up the pressure and on the 29th minute, there is a corner for the Londoners: Melo clears the area. Four minutes later, Chimenti saves well on Gera. On the 37th minute, there is a free-kick for Fulham: Davies’ ball hits the cross-bar and is then cleared by Zebina into corner. From the flag the ball reaches Etuhu who heads just wide grazing the post.

Fulham take the lead on the 39th minute when a ball into the Juve area, sees Gera striking home: 2-1. Two minutes later, a Baird shot goes well wide.

On the 45th minute, there is a corner for Fulham: ball dangerously into the Juve area cleared by Melo. The first half ends after two minutes of stoppage time.

The second half immediately starts off on the wrong foot for Juve as on the 3rd minute, there is a penalty for Fulham for an involuntary handsball in the area by Diego. Gera from the penalty spot deposits the ball into the back of the net: 3-1 and 4-4 agregate.

The 6th minute sees a Sissoko shot go well high over the bar. De Ceglie comes on for Camoranesi. Four minutes later, a ball into the Juve area is headed away.

It is the 11th minute when a good Diego long cross reaches Trezeguet in the area who tries a first timer but the shot is not powerful and the keeper saves with ease. Three minute later, there is a free-kick for Juve: Diego puts the ball into the area and Kelly puts the ball into corner. From the flag Diego puts the ball into the area but Zebina heads high.

On the 16th minute, a Duff shot goes high over the bar. Three minutes later, Trezeguet is off-side as he receives a ball from Grosso in the area. On the 23rd minute a Diego shot goes wide.

Two minutes later, a Davies shot is saved well by Chimenti. On the 26th minute a dangerous cross into the Juve area is luckily too long for Zamora.

The 28th minute sees a dangerous low cross into the Juve area by Duff is intercepted by the defence. One minute later, there is a corner for Fulham: Hangeland misses the header by inches.

It is the half-hour when a Gera attempt goes well wide and high. One minute later, there is a free-kick for Juve: Diego’s attempt goes straight into the arms of the keeper. Chimenti performs a miracle on a Dempsey header on the 33rd minute.

On the 25th minute, Chimenti with another super save puts the ball into corner: From the flag Sissoko clears agian into corner. The second attempt from the corner sees Sissoko bringing out the ball for a counter-attack.

The hopes of the bianconeri crumble on the 37th minute as a Dempsey lob goes over everybody’s head and ends up at the back of the net: 4-1.

On the 39th minute a Salihamidzic attempt is saved by Schwarzer. Del Piero comes on for Grosso and one minute later Chimenti saves a Zamora attempt.

The referee awards 3 minutes of stoppage time and on the second of these Juve finish the game with 9 players as Zebina is sent-off.
The match ends on 4-1 score and a 5-4 on aggregate. Juventus are eliminated from the Europa League with Craven Cottage proving to be fatal for Zaccheroni’s men.

Europa League – Final 16 2nd Leg
London, Craven Cottage
18th March 2010

FULHAM-JUVENTUS: 4-1 (5-4 aggregate)
Goals: Trezeguet (2nd), Zamora (9th), Gera (39th), Gera (49th pen.), Dempsey (83rd)

FULHAM: Schwarzer; Kelly (Dempsey 71st), Hughes, Hangeland, Kanchesky; Duff, Baird, Etuhu, Davies; Gera (Riise 85th); Zamora. Reserves: Zuberbuhler, Nevland, Riise, Dempsey, Smalling, Digkacoi, Marsh-Brown. Coach: Hodgson.
JUVENTUS: Chimenti; Salihamidzic, Zebina, Cannavaro, Grosso (Del Piero 85th); Camoranesi (De Ceglie 51st), Melo, Sissoko; Candreva (Grygera 28th), Diego; Trezeguet. Reserves: Pinsoglio, Grygera, De Ceglie, Marrone, Poulsen, Del Piero, Iaquinta. Coach: Zaccheroni
REFEREE: Bjorn Kuipers

Yellow Cards: Camoranesi (11th), Kanchesky (90th), Melo (92nd).

Red Cards: Cannavaro (27th), Zebina (91st)

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