Zaccheroni Rejects Claims Of Pro-Juventus Bias

Posted on 08/03/2010


‘Zac’ has had enough of the air of suspicion surrounding the Old Lady…

Juventus coach Alberto Zaccheroni has leapt to the defence of his club after fresh accusations of pro-Bianconeri bias were levelled in the wake of Saturday’s Serie A match with Fiorentina.

Juve won 2-1 at the Franchi, but the Gigliati lamented that Diego was marginally offside for the Turin giants’ opener while insisting they should have been awarded a penalty in the second half when Giorgio Chiellini hauled down Keirrison.

“If that was a foul, I think it was outside the penalty box,” Zaccheroni told Sky Sport 24.
“But this theory of Juve being helped (by referees) is a constant in Serie A, it was like this in the past and still is nowadays.

“And it has been supported particularly by those who were not even at the match. It’s hard to say why.

“This has created an air of suspicion surrounding our game and consequently making things more difficult for the referee and his assistants to manage.

“Under these circumstances, it’s obvious that any time a dubious incident happens, they take aim at Juve for sure.”

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