Juve aren’t helped, says Zac

Posted on 08/03/2010


Juventus boss Alberto Zaccheroni says he has had enough of claims that his side are helped by refereeing decisions.

Jose Mourinho among others has intimated that Juventus have benefited from some favourable refereeing.

He even quipped that Juventus’s box is bigger than everyone else’s in Serie A.

“If against Fiorentina, Chiellini’s foul really was one then it happened outside the box,” Zac raged on Sky Sport 24.

“And as for their equaliser at 1-1, two of their players were offside and Gilardino participated in the move.

“This idea that Juventus are helped is constant in Italy: it was part of the past and it’s part of the present.

“It has been put forward by some people who weren’t even at the game and it’s difficult to understand why, seeing that we are not competing for the same objective.

“This has created a climate of suspicion around our games. It’s very difficult for the referee and his assistants to manage,” he concluded. 

Source: Football-Italia

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