Melo: "I dedicate this victory to Ciro Ferrara"

Posted on 21/02/2010


The Brazilian: “They said that I hated him, but it is not true. He helped me so much. Those who insult me, Cannavaro and Grosso they are not Juventini. If I’m going to stay? They paid me 25 million, I want to win everything here at Juve”

Before leaving the stadium all Dall’Ara with Juventus team, Felipe Melo has released an interesting interview to the microphones of Mediaset has transcribed in full:

Felipe, third consecutive win in league and cup. This Juve has changed something ?
“We have changed with the victory. The victory is coming. We played many games well, even more beautiful than that of today, but we lost. So that’s what we needed, the goal and the victory.

Feel more belief in yourself, more security? 
“Sure, the victory leaves you with that. We were focused 90 minutes. We struggled because we played with a great team, a team that was shut behind him, he knew what to do and this means that the victory is even more beautiful” .

This is a Juve who has learned to suffer, but also knows how to react in difficult moments. And ‘This is perhaps the big difference from the past? 
“No, I think that now everything has changed because it got the win. And I also dedicate this victory to Ciro Ferrara, in recent months because people said I had a fight with him when he was here, that I loved him, but it is quite the opposite. He is one who helped me so much here at Juve. We lost all together and I dedicate this victory to him. “

Felipe was a little vintage ‘hard for you, including as regards relations with the outside, with the fans. How are you feeling now? Think you can give your best from now until the end? 
“I’m fine, if you look at the sample number, we see that I’m fine. Surely now the victory is seen again that I’m better. The relationship with the fans for me is always the same. I think the true fans are those that are the Stadium and support you. Those who say bad words to me, to Cannavaro and Grosso are not fans of Juve, maybe they are fans of Torino. “

You have the intention to stay here at Juve again next season? 
“I have five years of contract here. I have paid 25 million is a bit ‘hard to get out of here. I want to win it all here at Juve. We just started this cycle. We changed so much, I think that now the road is the right one . 

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