Buffon: «Thanks to all team-mates and supporters»

Posted on 16/02/2010


Making headlines, most of all when you are mistaking. This is what happens to champions such as Gigi Buffon, used to show extraordinary saves and only rarely (very rarely!) to make “human” mistakes. Like it happened Sunday afternoon during the match vs. Genoa, a match that Juventus number one won’t easily forget. Because of the match, won in a fundamental moment of the season, but also because of the many affection gestures he received.
Gigi spoke of it directly on his internet sitewww.gianluigibuffon.com. «Vs. Genoa we achieved a victory I’d define essential, considering the moment we were going through. The dedication with which we always worked was rewarded, but also the suffering of this period. I think everybody noticed the way we celebrated at the end».
A collective embrace, and Buffon was in the center of it. All his mates showed their nearness to him. Just like Juventus supporters did. The goalkeeper cannot thank each of them personally: «All my mates went and hug me and this encouraged me a lot. 
I want to thank them all for this, but not only them. I was very impressed by how Juventus supporters behaved with me. They did not hesitate and started singing songs for me, showing a great love for me. A love for Buffon the man, more than for Buffon the player. For me it was such a nice feeling and I’ll do my best to repay this love they have for me».
Source: Juventus.com
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