S.Valentine’s day? No, Saint Alex

Posted on 14/02/2010


At third try, Zaccheroni centers the victory he wanted. Not only for statistics (it is his first since his arrival in Torino), but also for importance. Juventus beats Genoa for 3-2 at the end of a real battle. In S. Valentine’s day, Alessandro Del Piero makes the Lady fall in love.
Right when he collect his 445th presence in Championship – absolute record in Juventus history– the Captain signs a determinant double-goal, first with a perfect one-two by Diego, then by penalty he caused. Of Amauri the first goal by head. Marco Rossi authentic protagonist among the red&blue scoring twice, he kept in balance the match till the end.
It’s a fundamental victory, missing in championship since the beginning of championship, but most of all it allows to go on running for next Champions League. And from Thursday back in Europe, for the match in Europe League vs. Ajax.
To try a new assault to first victory on Juventus bench, Zaccheroni propose again 3-4-1-2. In front of Buffon, Zebina, Legrottaglie and Chiellini, Caceres, Sissoko, Candreva and De Ceglie in the midfield, Diego behind forwards Del Piero and Amauri.
Genoa has many absents  and, besides the one at home, Gasperini loses also Milanetto during warming up and must point on Suazo. The choice, even if forced, brings immediately good things to red&blue that start better. It’s Marco Rossi the most dangerous one and in the first quarter they try twice to beat Buffon. The first time he hits the ball, but the second gives no hope and scores.
The bianconeri find it hard to restart and absorb the surprise. The deadly weapon is the one of the last matches, that is set kicks. Diego and Del Piero centers many crosses but no one get to draw. Amelia must intervene most of all on far kicks by Diego and Sissoko.
When the first half seams to end up with a 1-0 in favor of Genoa, suddenly Juventus scores. Credits half to Caceres half to Amauri: the Uruguayan escape on the right and puts a great cross that the Brazilian powerfully puts in the goal by head: 1-1 and everyone at rest.
Restart. Fatic in for Acquafresca for Genoa. Juve starts better by a kick from outside by Caceres who engages Amelia and red&blue answers engaging Buffon in a save. 15’ minute now is lucky for Juve. Del Piero does it almost all: he steals the ball from Criscito, gets into the area, exchanges with Diego who gives the ball back with his heel and beats Amelia.
But the joy does not last long. On the first action Genoa draws: Mesto puts in the middle from right, Buffon does not keep the ball and again Marco Rossi scores: 2-2. Zaccheroni tries to play Marchisio card, in for Candreva. El Shaarawy for Suazo is Gasperini’s answer.
Juve restarts strongly and Amauri taps the pole. It is the appetizer of the new advantage. Marchisio unmarks Del Piero who falls down hit by Papastathopoulos. The contact is at the beginning of the area and Mazzoleni gives a penalty that Del Piero himself transforms even if Amelia tries to save.
Now is Genoa trying to go to the front and a cross crossing the whole Juventus area gives thrills. Legrottaglie tries again and, immediately after, also Del Piero by a ball from Salihamidzic: the result does not change but Genoa is still far away. Gasperini plays all he’s got putting in the young forward Aleksic for Criscito. Zaccheroni sends in Giovinco for a lame Amauri.
Serie A 2009/10 – 5th return match 
Torino, Olimpico Stadium
Sunday 14th of February 2010
GOALS: 15’ pt e 16’ st Rossi, 42’ pt Amauri, 15’ st e 33’ st Del Piero.
JUVENTUS: Buffon; Zebina, Legrottaglie, Chiellini; Caceres, Sissoko, Candreva (21’ st Marchiso), De Ceglie; Diego; Del Piero (35’ st Salihamidzic), Amauri (48’ st Giovinco). Available: Manninger, Grygera, Grosso, Paolucci. Trainer Zaccheroni.
GENOA: Amelia; Papastathopoulos, Dainelli, Bocchetti; Mesto, Rossi, Zapater, Criscito (43’ st Aleksic); Suazo (23’ st El Shaarawy), Acquafresca (1’ st Fatic), Sculli. Available: Scarpi, Polenta, Gucher, Bertoncini. Trainer Gasperini. 
REFEREE: Mazzoleni from Bergamo.
YELLOW CARDS: 22’ pt Bocchetti, 29’ st Rossi, 35’ pt Candreva, 35’ pt Acquafresca, 42’ pt Amauri, 6’ st Zebina, 37’ st Papastathopoulos, 44’ st Salihamizic.
AUDIENCE: 22.252 for a total amount of € 493.116, 29
Source: Juventus.com
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