Alessandro Del Piero – Results Are Very Important In Times Like These

Posted on 14/02/2010


After scoring twice during Juventus’ first victory under coach Alberto Zaccheroni, captain Alessandro Del Piero spoke of the importance of moral as he analysed his side’s 3-2 victory over Genoa this afternoon.

“Last week we saw the signs of improvement,” he declared to Sky Sports shortly after the game.

“The fact that we are continuing to build gives us confidence going forward,” continued the captain.

“Let’s hope the results keep coming as they are very important for morale in times like these.

“We suffered a lot but we knew it would be this way given the quality of the opposition.”

The hitman was probed as to whether the presence of his son in the stands may have influence his top performance.

“Maybe it has been my best game in front of my son but there have been other performances that I am also proud of,” Del Piero concluded.

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