Gianluigi Buffon & Amauri Receive Apology From Italian Paper In Relation To Dressing Room Allegations

Posted on 12/02/2010


Italian paper apologises to Amauri and Buffon following strong allegations…

Juventus duo Amauri and Gianluigi Buffon have received an apology after strenously denying allegations which claimed they had a bust-up after the Brazilian allegedly made advances on the goalkeeper’s wife, Alena Seredova.

The Italian website published allegations which suggested Amauri liked Seredova, causing friction between the players, and an eventual argument at the Vinovo training centre which was brought under control by Juventus general director Roberto Bettega.

But, both the married Amauri and Buffon responded to the allegations and wrote a letter to Cronacaqui.itstrongly denying the story, asking for an apology from the publication.

Their letter, according to reads:

“Ladies and Gentlemen;tile=4;sz=160×600;ord=59764?area=2l&pos=2&

We read with astonishment and indignation the article published in your newspaper today entitled “Brazilian advances for Alena Seredova – Amauri and Buffon fight.” That article exceeds the normal continence in giving information for both the graphics and images, both in content “information” refers to a “triangle” and transcends low sexual innuendo (“put eyes on him and not only”) harming the reputation and integrity of each of the 

Furthermore, the author gives his own account in the text, which, contrary to his duties (as enshrined in the abundant case law on defamation in the press), has not checked in any way the “voices” from which he gained the information, with this conflicts with the normal canons of professional diligence and decorum.

Although tested on a secondary level and lower level, the divulging of false specimens as explained in the present case, is likely to damage our reputation and image: We ask for you to publish, in appropriate ways and forms, appropriate apologies. If not, we will proceed to the protection of our reasons in the appropriate criminal and civil offices.

Gianluigi Buffon
(also for Mrs. Seredova)
Amauri Carvalho De Oliveira “ obliged and published an apology.

Their letter reads:

“We publish this, without omissions, as is our custom, in respect of the relationship of loyalty to our readers that distinguishes us from our very first edition. We would support news and only the right to record news, because even the titbits of gossip is news, but we prefer to be honest, as is our habit.

“We have never dreamed of talking politely regarding glances and compliments to Mrs Seredova, if someone who knows all the secrets of the locker room and more, he had not sung his song. And, moreover, to a journalist … In any case, I offer our apologies to Mrs Seredova. On evaluating the matter within our publication we have acknowledged the evaluations of Mr Buffon and Amauri.”

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