Zaccheroni Reveals New Juventus Tactics

Posted on 05/02/2010


Alberto Zaccheroni has said he is trying to find the best formula to bring success back to Juventus as he thinks about playing with alternative tactical systems.

“We are working on two fronts because the team has to know how to change attitude even during the season,” he told the press.

“I have read many things but I prefer to speak about a three-man midfield. I am trying to give the most correct information to my players, as this will help us win.

“I know the 4-3-1-2 system better than a 3-4-1-2 set up. I am trying to use this for the game tomorrow [at Livorno].

“We have to try to find the quickest and best route and we must be good to continue. I know where I want to get and I will try.”

“Livorno? We are expecting a tough game as coach Serse Cosmi is very good and he has plenty of good tactical ideas.”

Diego has come under the microscope following poor form, but Zaccheroni has faith.

“You cannot question Diego’s talent. My job is not to show Diego how to play, but to make him express his best football,” he added.

“It’s easy to take things out on new players, but I hope they can play like they have in the past, this goes for both old and new players.”


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