Zac is in a race against time

Posted on 05/02/2010


Juventus boss Alberto Zaccheroni says he is trying to get the club’s player to understand his ideas as soon as possible.

The 56-year-old replaced Ciro Ferrara last week and drew his first game in charge 1-1 with Lazio.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s clash with Livorno, Zaccheroni was pressed on reports that he is experimenting with a three-man defence.

“The media have spoken about it, I haven’t. I repeat what I said the last time. We are working on two fronts because the team has to know how to change its attitude, also during a game.

“I believe that there are three systems that fit this team. We will work on this. Even if I have read something, I prefer to speak about a three-man midfield. We don’t need these systems, they contribute something, but they don’t make us win games. The interpretation is what makes us win.

“I am trying to give the players the most correct information possible. They know 4-3-1-2. They know 3-4-1-2 less. So I am trying to give them this information for the game tomorrow, but also for those that will come. We have to get on the right path in the shortest time possible, then we have to be clever about it and get consistent.”

Asked to explain why the team isn’t reaching its potential, Zaccheroni said: “The injuries, the enthusiasm that has diminished a little. This brings problems to all of the team. I have to try and put it in order and clean up the characteristics a bit.”

Finally, Zaccheroni got behind Diego, the Brazilian playmaker, who has been criticised this season.

“Diego’s talent isn’t up for discussion. A Coach’s job is not to teach Diego how to play football but to make the collective express itself better. It’s too easy to take it out on the new signings.”

Source: Football-italia

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