Sissoko: «We will be a strong Juve as from Saturday»

Posted on 05/02/2010


Momo Sissoko will not play in Sissoko due to suspension, but he feels that his team mates will show they are «an already strong Juve» as from the match on Saturday night. The Mali midfielder, guest of the New Holland stand at the Agriculture Fair in Verona, explained: «It is true that when Zaccheroni came he found a mentally tired team, but I am sure that we are emerging from the crisis and we will show this as from the match in Livorno».

In the last few days the new coach had the possibility of getting to know the team and vice-versa. Sissoko spoke of the new coach: «He is a very experienced coach, he speaks to us players very much, works a lot on tactics and will surely bring along something new».

With regards to the objectives, Sissoko confirmed what was said in recent days by his team mates: «We want to qualify for the Champions League and we therefore have to finish in the top positions». 
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