Ferrara: ‘I do not feel sacked’

Posted on 27/01/2010


Ciro Ferrara insists he has “nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to hide. I do not feel that I’ve been sacked.”

The reports have suggested all week that Juventus were waiting until after Thursday’s Coppa Italia quarter-final with Inter, a game you can watch LIVE on ESPN, to give him the sack.

“No, I’m not being brave by coming here to this Press conference, just a sense of responsibility,” began Ferrara.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to hide. I must accept criticism and controversy as well as praise.

“Will I be fired? The club hasn’t told me anything about a dismissal, so I keep working with the same determination, focus and passion that I have always worked with in my time as a player, a director and a Coach.

“When they have something to tell me, then they will and I’ll react appropriately. Up until then I’ll continue to respect a club that has given me so much. I do not feel that I’ve been sacked.”

Considered a lame duck on the Bianconeri bench, Ferrara tried to concentrate on the upcoming match.

“Inter are in good shape and the team to beat, so tomorrow we’ll try to do just that. I am only worried about the result so that Juventus can qualify for the semi-finals, it is not a concern for my future.”

Former director general Luciano Moggi blamed the club for failing to protect and guide Ferrara, while Jose Mourinho said any Coach who lasts the season in Serie A is ‘a hero.’

“With these results I would’ve been indefensible even with Moggi at the helm. I thank Mourinho for the respect, maybe he was thinking of my Rocky analogy.

“Do not try to make me say anything bad about the club, because I won’t do it, not even if they decide to kick me out. That wouldn’t be a problem for me.

“As a player and a director I was always treated well and in these 20 years it’s my first truly difficult time at Juve, so I accept it. The only thing Juve didn’t do was make me prettier,” he joked.

“I don’t even consider resigning, as when I look in the mirror every morning I am relaxed, my conscience is clear. If the club or players were against me then maybe I would’ve thought about it, but everyone is on my side.

“I just need to improve the situation by working even harder. I haven’t managed that up until now, but it is nothing to be ashamed of.”


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