A case of Italy v Inter

Posted on 27/01/2010


by Sumeet Paul | ESPNsoccernet

‘They want to stop us winning’. ‘A strong wind blows against us’. Just a few of the ridiculous comments emanating from the Nerazzuri after their Derby della Madonnina success on Sunday.

With Juve well and truly out of the title race, and likely to be facing an uphill struggle to even qualify for Europa League football next year, I thought I would spare my readers my usual moans and groans for this week only and discuss the biggest story in Italian football at this moment… what is fast becoming a situation of Italy v Inter.

Firstly, ‘give credit where credit is due’. A saying my elder brother drummed into my head as I was growing up. Inter to their credit, fully deserved the three points on Sunday. They out-performed their Milanese counterparts in every department and thoroughly deserved their victory. However, as is the usual case with Jose Mourinho and his charges, they taint their success with their attitude.

Arrogant, disrespectful and quite frankly embarrassing. From Wesley Sneijder’s rightful dismissal for his shameful degrading treatment in sarcastically applauding referee Gianluca Rocchi to Marco Materazzi’s ridiculous post match celebrations in wearing a Silvio Berlusconi mask. Inter are champions for a reason, but they will never be a popular choice. Perhaps this doesn’t even matter to them.

For weeks if not months, we have had to put up with Mourinho’s constant comments that have tarnished Lega Calcio. His latest instalment suggests he believes there is corruption within the higher powers of Italian football. Following the Calciopoli scandal of 2006, this is the last thing the game needs as it attempts to rebuild its image. Despite being an exuberant character, and bringing a wide audience to Serie A, I would gladly sacrifice this if it meant not hearing his nonsense every week.

Instead of concentrating on his side’s fantastic performance, the main talking point is as usual his opinion on the referee. In my honest opinion, after the dismissal of Sneijder it was Inter who were receiving most of the decisions as Rocchi attempted to even things up. My anger was exacerbated further upon reading Mourinho’s words of ‘I am a foreigner. I will leave and the problem will remain yours.’ Well Mr Mourinho I would gladly pack your bags for you now and give you a free lift to Malpensa Airport if it meant I would see the back of you.

I take great pleasure in the knowledge that the Bianconeri inflicted defeat upon these supposed professionals, only one of two defeats all season that they have suffered. However that now seems so long ago, and things have drastically changed since that night in Turin. With Ciro Ferrara and the board continuing to embarrass this great team, I can only hope my next post will be of a more positive nature.
As a Juventino, I don’t believe Rafa Benitez is an appropriate successor if Ferrara was to leave. With a squad full of average players already, I can only see the Spaniard adding more of the same and ultimately delivering no success.
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