Juve, try this solution … Look at Napoli and Catania!

Posted on 25/01/2010


Last week’s transfer market. Seven days to 19.00 all home. Juventus fans add “thankfully”. What Secco and Blanc have since been replaced Bettega was even worse the entire management of the last two years. Negotiations without reasoning, such as those of Paolucci and Candreva. 

Two boys hopeful called to rescue a boat at sea. If you have not called Juventus, we considered crazy players’ agents to send them in a situation so complex and delicate. With Roma, Juventus has also been unlucky and that is precisely what was missing in a group that had all negative. We have criticized Ferrara from the first day of August, now we say, if you decide to resign, we would give at least the act of being a man of dignity. Although the poor capacity of coach (as ascertained so far), he always walked with head high, never to be overtaken by the critics as people who wanted to succeed him (see Conte in Bergamo) and has been able to deal with the natural elegance media lynching and irony. 

Ferrara as a man to be promoted, as a coach is pointless to discuss: a disaster.For this we propose to do today to Ciro the most important step, to save the dignity that has characterized so far. The alternative would be what? Wait and take place in June as deputy Marcello Lippi? Waive glory and some money, but you continue to walk tall for all of Italy between Naples and Turin. 

All we ever dreamed of being who we are, what would you do if you were in the shoes of the family Elkann? One proposal we try to do it.Immediate relief of manager, consequently breaking the pact with Marcello Lippi for the upcoming season. Engagement, but without passing out, of coach who is considered more appropriate. Careful evaluations of Hiddink, he could be a flop. 

Say “thank you was a pleasure” to Alessio Secco and propose again the post of Team Manager, if well accepted, otherwise it away. Changing of the Presidency, with Blanc to fill the role of Head of Marketing and reconciliation with Andrea Agnelli family without unnecessary jealousies that lead to the result that today it is plain for all. The team must remain as is.Juventus, Juventus this is strong. I repeat again today, after recent results. We’ll never have a double check, however, for 5 minutes we tried to tell our without criticism, but by offering something new. 

A move to the South and the Islands. Serves as change coach! This year’s demonstration came a bit ‘from all the cities of Italy. Colomba in Bologna are doing well and defended great, but the best results come from Naples, Palermo and Catania. We were not crazy when each Monday in this space called for the immediate relief of Donadoni, Zenga and Atzori (try to write it in Word, the word goes out players who knows that is not a counsel of technology to good Gianluca). 

Naples is reborn with the same players who earlier in the year were labeled as incapable and inadequate. Significant and growing him, even in May. Not to mention Quagliarella, Gargano and Denis. Now, in the past seven trading days, we expect the hand of the Director Bigon, so you can even judge his work. The deal for Dossena 4 million is not trusted. Something should be done in output, but also into the offensive department.

In Palermo, Delio Rossi has reawakened old torpor and put some important pieces, while Catania Sinisa good, with all its technical staff, has given enthusiasm to the city, but mainly play for the team. Maxi Lopez has not played for a month, not three weeks before we see him on the field. Nobody touches Mascara. Colantuono calls him every day to bring it to Turin, but he is a cornerstone of this team and Lo Monaco can not start it. We will not forgive, we will not forgive. Catania lost the bet Atzori, but not lose the series A, if it continues to play like that. The old technique was from C1 and perhaps needs at least another 5 years on the fields of Giulianova, Benevento, Busto Arsizio, Sesto San Giovanni and Monza first to review the lights at San Siro. 


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