Juve were 48 years who never lost four games at home

Posted on 24/01/2010


Numbers from crisis black ones collected from Juventus this season. With one yesterday in Turin with Roma, the Bianconeri have had a third straight league defeat, after those suffered against Milan (0-3 at home) and Chievo (Verona 0-1) was the period November-December 1998 Juve did not lose in series A 3 races in a row. Then KO were sustained against Bologna (0-3 outside), Lazio (0-1 home) and Fiorentina (0-1 away).

The one with Gialorossi was moreover, the third straight league defeat, after those collected from Catania (1-2) and Milan (0-3). In this case we must go back to the period April-May 1995 to find 3 straight losses at home for the Bianconeri level league: Juventus then the order was passed from Torino (1-2), Padua (0-1) and Lazio (0-3).

But from the beginning of the championship is the fourth KO at home was the tournament that the 1962/63 Juventus did not lose 4 home games in a season in Serie A.That year they lost to Atalanta (2-3), Torino (0-1), Catania (0-1) and Inter (0-1). 


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