Massimo Mauro: "Blanc and Secco must recognize their mistakes"

Posted on 19/01/2010


The former Juventus Champions, “Who has planned this season has to admit failure and take responsibility?. The DS is always in the stands to watch Juve played. Why not  he go to scouts some players to buy?”.

The former champion Juventus, Massimo Mauro, this week started working with to give visibility to the “Fondazione Vialli e Mauro for research and sport. Here is his first editorial: 

Juventus with Chievo reached rock bottom? Yes, we can say its a organization disaster  not a individuals disasters. Its hard to decide where to begin the hunt for the culprit between Ferrara and the players for what was seen in Verona, difficult to understand where Juventus will have or how far to fall.Ferrara had probably already realized that everything that he had not misled by the win against Napoli in the Italian Cup and had already rekindled premature enthusiasm, remembering that it was better to look back rather than making accounts on Inter and AC Milan. Now even win a place in the Champions League is a business. 

But if you want to put a point and start over, there is a phase that is required: who has planned this season has to admit failure and take responsibility. An incredible series of technical errors and management that can not fall solely on the shoulders of Ferrara and players. Blanc and Secco MUST recognize their errors, because only then can hope not to repeat them. And ‘the only credible and serious condition to kick off a new era. Because the list of mistakes is long and expect answers.

1) The whole Serie A teams is reinforced, Inter with Pandev, AC Milan with Beckham, AS Roma with Toni. Juventus occurred in the field against Chievo with Paolucci, who will excuse me, it was not even with the owner Siena. Can Paolucci give a serious project?

2) It was better to play without a target man or with only Del Piero or inventing something like Spalletti did with Roma and Totti.

3) Secco the sporting director, is always in the stands for the matches of Juventus. Why not go to study Italian and foreign players to buy? Should be the most important part of his job.Perhaps it would take Felipe Melo for him to play in a diamond midfield. or Would not have spent so much money for Diego, going to add another striker in the only major department with Del Piero, Trezeguet, Amauri and Iaquinta was the height of Inter and Milan. Perhaps he would find those we are really in need a defenders and midfielders to Juventus. Perhaps it would better spent 50 million euros.

4) wink from a year on Juventus hovers the shadow of Lippi Has “burned” before Ranieri and now blocks all possible technical renovations. The President Blanc and Secco never have a strong denial or a final confirmation.

5) A Blanc liked talking to shield and stars after the illusory victories beginning of the season: with too much haste had put Juventus in terms of Inter. Hurry to recognize their mistake early assessment and selection reflects the new road.

Two words for Inter who now struggling for weeks. In Bari, Mourinho has invented another: “The team of Ventura was well organized in the field, I had to change tactics, better coverage and play on the counterattack.” In my day when I played with Juventus, were the teams we faced province focusing only on the counterattack. The organization of the Bari’s enough to force the army’s Inter Snejider, Milito, Pandev, etc. Balotelli. to close in defense. Times change.

A football legend says that a sporting director tried to explain the historic president of Catania, Massimino, the team had not won, “because it lacks the amalgam,” “Then we buy amalgam …” Massimino said. Moratti if he had known he would buy “organization” and saved many millions of euros. 

Massimo Mauro | Tuttojuve

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