Time up for Ferrara?

Posted on 18/01/2010


By: Scot Munroe | Serie A weekly

I think the time of Ciro Ferrara’s reign is coming to an end after this 1-0 away defeat to Chievo. This is their first ever defeat at Chievo and it has now reached boiling point. Rumours in England and in Italy are saying either Rafa Benitez or even Guus Hiddink will take charge.

Juventus had 7 players out either injured, suspended or at the African Cup of Nations. The only goal of the game came after 33 minutes when Gennaro Sardo’s angled drive into the bottom corner, beat Buffon. This was Chievo’s 1st goal of 2010 as well. Paolo De Cegile won’t be happy with his defending for the goal as he backed off Sardo allowing him to shoot. Being 1-0 down you would think that Juventus would come back and attack but fear not they seemed to lack confidence and struggled to mount anything on goal. Diego who has really struggled this season started to show why Juventus paid so much money for him by taking control of the attack but nothing seem to happen. Del Piero and Cannavaro had weak efforts on goal late in the game, but if anything Chievo looked like the side to add to the total near the end when Giampiero Pinzi’s effort was blocked by Zebina in the box.

Juventus drop to 5 in Serie A with Roma and Napoli leap frogging them. If Ferrara is not gone on Monday could old Juve boss Ranieri put the final nail in the coffin when Roma visit Turin on Saturday night?

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