Towards Chievo: Di Carlo’s most faithful

Posted on 17/01/2010


Di Carlo has two players which he cannot seem to do without. They played all 19 matches of the first round: goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino who was nota bsent for a single minute and defender Andrea Mantovani. With 18 matches there are 4 players: Simone Bentivoglio (a susbstitute fielded very often), Michele Marcolini, Luciano and Sergio Pellissier. 

Chievo up to now suffered one red card shown Luciano, while the recored of yellow cards receieved is held by Giampiero Pinzi with 7, 2 more then Yepes and Marcolini. 

The team’s top scorers are Pellissier and Marcolini with 4 goals each. These are followed by Pinzi with 3, Morero and Bogdani with 2, Yepes, Bentivoglio, Rigoni and Abbruscato with 1.

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