Chievo’s progress in the championship

Posted on 17/01/2010


With 24 points collected in the first round, Cheivo is the that registered the best improvement compared to the last championship, when they were in the rleegation zone with only 13 points. Since then, with the advent of Domenico Di Carlo, the veronesi were able to maintain a mid-table position which brought them their stay in the Serie A in 2008/09 and which has placed them 9 points clear from the red zone. 

This year’s Chievo has quite a linear performance without many differences between home and away matches. Out of the 24 points the distribution is nearly equal with 11 won at the Bentegodi and 13 away from home. In Verona Chievo collected 3 victories, 2 draws and 4 defeats with a total of 11 goals in favour and as many against. One must note that difficulties were mainly encountered in the first part of theseason with 3 defeats in 5 matches against Lazio, Bari and Milan, with whom they lost 2-1. To complete the poker came the match against Inter who forced a 1-0 result full of controversy for a handsball by Quaresma on the 90th minute. 

The most beautiful matches were played against teams of medium-high level: 3-1 against Genoa, 1-0 against Palermo and 2-1 against Fiorentina. 

Chievo is fresh from 3 consecutive defeats against Napoli, Inter and Roma which were made serious by the absolute abstinence from scoring figuring in 0 goals scored and 5 goal opprotunities created in 270 minutes of play.

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