Chiellini: «I can’t understand what is going wrong»

Posted on 17/01/2010


Even the toughest of all left the field visibly disappointed after the defeat against Chievo. Giorgio Chiellini, a lion heart, could not help expressing the great disappointment felt.
«It is true we have many injured players but it is not an alibi. We cannot hide behind the absentees. We are not managing to create, we are conceding a bit too much. We were not lucky but we did not create enough. I can’t understand what is going wrong. We are putting in all we can but we are not managing to create. Now we have a few days to recover and on Saturday even I will be in a different spirit».
Some argue that Juventus are at the moment not capable of registering two consecutive victories: «I think that the truth is that the difference between the matches against Parma and Milan was very small. Against Napoli we played really well and we wanted to repeat this today. We did not manage to do this and they worked in a better way then us. We never managed to hurt them, shoot at goal and create opportunities. I don’t know what is going wrong. I hope we manage to see the light at the end of this tunnel which at the moment is really hard».
Are the players unmotivated?: «We have objectives. If anything we want to qualify for the Champions League which today seems to be already hard enough. Therefore we are not unmotivated and besides we never like making fools of ourselves».
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