Bettega: ‘Juve don’t need new buys’

Posted on 17/01/2010


Juventus vice-general manager Roberto Bettega feels the only problem is down to injuries, but they won’t go back on the market.

“The team has ups and downs, runs into difficulties and a great deal of it is down to the injuries. Chievo scored with the only shot on goal today,” said Bettega after a 1-0 loss at the Bentegodi.

“Milan emerged from their supposed crisis via faith and the unity of the squad. We have a very important tour de force over the next few weeks and hope to have some key players back who can unite their physicality with quality.”

Transfer reports suggest the Bianconeri will sign either Antonio Candreva or Real Madrid’s Gago, but the director rules that out.

“I don’t think there will be any big buys, as we believe that we have strong players in the squad now.

“Chievo were more physical today and played well in the air, that’s how they won the match.

“In all honesty, this was an ugly game of football from both sides. Chievo were aware of their physical strength and the state of the pitch, so they based the performance on these elements.”

Juve have amassed just 21 points in the last 16 Serie A rounds and if the table were to be drawn up on that period, they’d be in 14th place.

“I look at the full season. It’s true we haven’t done as well recently, but why did we do better than anyone else in the first month? In Week 7 we were top of the table, because we had the entire squad at our disposal.

“It’s easy to talk sitting at a desk looking at a monitor. You read football with your eyes and not through a block of statistics.”


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