Training two days before Chievo

Posted on 15/01/2010


The match in Verona is drawing near. Two days before the match against Chievo, the team continued with its preparation in Vinovo with an afternoon session. Ciro Ferrara had to take note of the many absentees due to injuries. Amongst these there is a great improvement shown by Iaquinta who participated in part of the session with his team mates. 

Also present was young Spaniard Yago who yesterday joined the group after his return from Bari. There were many Primavera players present: De Paola, Crivello, Giandonato, Rossi, Belcastro and Immobile. 

The team will continue preparaing for the match on Sunday (15:00hrs) by having a fine-tuning session tomorrow afternoon. Before the departure to Veneto, Ferrara will hold the usual press conference which will be at 16:15hrs and live on Juventus Channel.

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