Diego: "We all played well. The group wants Ferrara"

Posted on 14/01/2010


By: Aniello Abbate | Tuttojuve
Diego: “When I won the penalty I gave the ball to Alex because he is a point of reference for all of us”

Diego Ribas da Cunha, the Juventus playmaker, spoke to the microphones of RAI Uno in dopopartita Juventus-Napoli. Tuttojuve.com has transcribed the full interview from the Brazilian playmaker.

Diego, dark moments are leave behind? 
“Yes, I think so. We hope this is the start of a new era. We played very well. I am part of this team. After all, when we lose, we lose together. Today we have all played very well, I also and are very happy. “

What is the difficulties you encountered after Great debut in Rome? Then it is a bit ‘off the light … 
“No, I think we all have so much wrong, even attitude. In the final game we could not do five steps. But we are working and I think now we’re on track. Surely we all know that we must do better and we for this. Today we have shown so much personality, we played, we enjoyed together, and this is very important. We have to continue like this, because this is the right path. “

We also saw a nice gesture on the occasion of respectness. After the whistle When you won the penalty you gave the ball to the captain, Del Piero. 

“Yes, he is all the time playing here, has kicked so many penalties for Juve. I am here and if you need I can kick it, but I think he’s always the first place. The important thing is to score and that can win. “

Given the quality that has you should worry less about the defensive, even though I know that Ferrara asks you. Why you become crucial when you are lucid and can trigger spikes. If you waste energy in defense, then fails in the last step … 
“Yes, it can be. But if there is no order in the field from us, it is difficult for all of us understand what our place. We were wrong us, maybe not the coach. We must play all players on the field together and we need to keep those automatisms which the team needs, and today we saw him. So I’ve played with the ball in their feet – this is important – and the entire team helped me to make a good match. “

Tonight the Juventus team was more than the last performance. 
“Yes, when the team plays well the finish is also positive. This is what happened today.”

Go on with Ferrara or change him with Hiddink, what the team think about this? 
“Come together. Ferrara showed great quality, great personality and we certainly worked every day to help him. He’s doing a good job. All of us are wrong and we go out together from this situation.”

What was the sense of wanting to clarify that within the squad, without a coach present, without leaders? 
“We talked about the mistakes we made, we talked about everything. In these moments it is important to us all work together. There’s the humility to hear about what we need to partner to do better. And ‘This is what we talked about above and certainly did very well to the team. “

It was important to clarify whether this extended yesterday or not? 

“Yes, certainly.” 
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